Create a brand and package of three pasta varieties: Fettuccine, Gemelli, and Acini Di Pepe. Customize the packaging to meet
the specific requirements of its respective pasta shape, considering both size and the desired quantity.
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, & Figma
Presentation, Process Book, & Dimensional Prototypes​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Competitive audit
Pasta brands employ diverse strategies to cater to varying consumer preferences. While some highlight cultural traditions, others prioritize visual aesthetics, functionality, or sustainability. Notably, none have seamlessly integrated linguistic creativity into visual distinctiveness and narrative storytelling.​​​​​​​
The initial exploration centered around the combination of “Yummy” and “Lo Mein” to capture the essence of yummy noodles. However, recognizing the need to align the concept with the broader category of pasta, the creative process pivoted to blend “Yummy” with “Mein.” This creates a bridge between the worlds of flavor and tradition.
After exploring more iterations of different visual approaches for the packaging, color palettes, and overall brand, I felt as if they fell flat. They didn’t represent the
brand well. 
Continued Explorations
After thorough testing and consideration, opting for a cylindrical shape for the pasta box emerged as the most strategic choice. Unlike a traditional box, the cylindrical design offers several advantages:

Portion control 
Space efficient 
Taking a step back
The term “mate” suggests that everyone is welcome to partake in the experience. When combined with pasta, it creates a balance between timeless tradition and contemporary flair, appealing to a broad audience. This results in creating an approachable and friendly brand image. Instead of depending on the conventional use of illustrations or photography, I’ve chosen to employ the expressive potential of typography to instill the brand with distinctive style.
While blue is often associated with appetite suppressant, the usage of tan creates a balanced feel to counteract this association. The combination of blues and tans
aim to correlate with premium products in certain markets.

Final Packaging
Mirroring the Creator’s goals which include: Innovation, Self-expression, Impact, Challenging the norms, and Continuous improvement. When crafting the cylindrical design, it is aimed to help preserve freshness by keeping out air and moisture, allows easy dispensing without risking breakage, precise portion control minimizes waste, and the space-efficient design suits organized pantry storage. 
Pasta Mate  is launching in top health-focused stores like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe's. With locally-sourced ingredients, it offers a premium, wholesome alternative to traditional pasta.

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