Create a hypothetical design conference demonstrating how artificial intelligence enables us to do more, think even bigger, and understand
how it can enhance human creativity rather 
than replace it.
Tools Used
InDesign, Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop

Portfolio presentation, Physical Prototypes

Ryleigh, Junior Designer
Excited about the convergence of design and AI, she reflects on the upcoming conference. Envisioning dynamic workshops, impactful speakers, and engaging with questions about AI’s influence on her craft, she aims to actively connect with professionals and shape her understanding of the evolving design landscape.
The Experience

To shape a conference that resonates with purpose and delivers impactful information, I constructed a user journey and mind map. These visual aids played an important role
in portraying the insights, behaviors, and preferences of the user and their journey from the beginning to end.
Color & Pattern
The AI conference color palette aligns with the dynamic nature of artificial intelligence. Red signifies its transformative power, blue represents trust in technology, navy reflects its intricate depth, green symbolizes growth and innovation, orange adds creativity, and pink humanizes the interaction. This encapsulates the diverse facets of AI, creating an engaging environment for exploration and creative interaction at the conference.
The fingerprint pattern serves as a visual reminder of the intricate complexity that connects humans and technology and how they can work together to create meaningful and personalized experiences.
Itinerary & Registration
The online presence of The Human Touch offers a comprehensive view of the brand’s vision and doubles as a convenient tool for daily event itineraries. Additionally, website incorporates a seamless registration process to participation.
Keynote Speakers
Participants will learn about how AI can be used to enhance augmented reality experiences, and how to design AR applications that are engaging and intuitive for users.
Take Aways
Attendees will receive physical mementos that serve as a reminder that, like AI, our creative potential knows no bounds.

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